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Running a business comes with several unique challenges that only seem to become more complex the longer you are trading.

stocktaking software

With more capital, more customers and more inventory, there comes a point when the logistics of running your business can become overwhelming if not prepared for properly.

This is where accountancy firms step in, helping businesses manage their books through the use of advanced software. Other times people choose to take care of their own ledger.

Manager your own books (MYOB) software has become popular amongst businesses that want first hand control over their accounting. But did you know that there is a similarly useful solution for warehousing and stock control?

Take direct control with our advanced stocktaking software

Close supervision over your inventory has never been easier with our productive stocktaking software!

Inventory management may be a background process for your business but it is still crucially important to its success. While it may not be the most glamorous part of your business, stock control is essential because of the everyday nature of its operation.

The last thing you want is to disappoint customers by telling them you don’t have a product in stock or that there is a delay in delivering it to the POS. By using our productive warehousing management system (WMS), you ensure that the product journey from storage to sale runs as smoothly as possible.


Identify and fix problems in your inventory with our stocktaking software

Take advantage of Datapel’s productive stocktaking software and quickly stamp out inefficiencies in your inventory management system


Even relatively small mistakes in your inventory management can hurt your bottom line.

Using our advanced stocktaking software allows you to:

  • See what you’ve sold
  • See what you need to buy
  • Streamline your ordering process

With Datapel’s leading stocktaking software you can easily simplify your entire inventory lifecycle so that you nullify inefficiencies and maximise your profits. There is simply no substitute for the assurance that advanced stocktaking software gives your business.

Enjoy peace of mind with Datapel’s highly accurate stocktaking software

Don’t panic over your inventory ever again with our essential stocktaking software!

We all know the panicked feeling of being overwhelmed by inventory management and trying to keep track of numbers that are far too big for one person to memorise.

Our stocktaking software is specifically designed to allow you to:

  • Track sales
  • Track orders
  • Track shelf numbers
  • Track inventory by name, batch/serial #, bin, custom fields or by barcodes
  • Never rely on physical counts again

By using Datapel’s advanced stocktaking software you can ensure that you get the most accurate data possible on your inventory no matter where it is in the sale journey. Being able to track these numbers and have them on hand via a digital platform helps to streamline your day-to-day management and improve the overall efficiency of your business from the top down.

Take a deep dive into your numbers with our expert stocktaking software


Dig deep into the numbers behind your business and inform future decisions using Datapel’s stocktaking software!

Understanding the numbers, big and small, that come out of your business are invaluable to planning future decisions.

Our stocktaking software allows you use margin analysis to see:

  • Reporting of inventory and transfers
  • Sales by item
  • Sales by location
  • Sales by customer

Our stocktaking software’s margin analysis uses the industry standard Crystal Reports so you can be assured of its accuracy and reliability. Obtaining these key functions enables your business to excavate data that will help inform future business decisions in relation to your inventory.

Increase productivity and performance with our stocktaking software

Greater visibility means greater control and Datapel’s WMS gives you ultimate transparency!

Use our advanced reporting and stocktaking software to easily view your profitability and performance.

Our stocktaking software allows you to compare:

  • Physical and counted stock
  • Selling price and purchase cost
  • Overall profitability and performance

This exhaustive insight into your business allows you to see all of the important percentages at a glance. Having a fully integrated digital platform for your inventory management is undoubtedly one of the best ways to gather useful analytic information on your business.


Find the perfect stocktaking software for your business with Datapel

Browse our range of leading stocktaking software products that are ideal for any operation big or small!

Check out any one of our leading inventory management and reporting software solutions:

myob inventory
WMS Plus

Suitable for smaller businesses that seek entry level inventory management and reporting solutions

Manage stock movement across multiple bins and locations

Advanced handling of inventory data

WMS Professional Edition

Suitable for wholesale distributors and businesses with large stock volumes

Allocate stock for order fulfilment over multiple locations

Receive stock against MYOB purchases

Manage sales, back orders, track stock returns as well as manage kits and packaging

WMS Enterprise Edition

Suitable for light manufacturing and production from raw materials

Precise control of inventory of raw materials and finished goods

Additional functionality for managing work orders for assemblies and kits

Inventory Controller XE

Affordable solution for advanced stock control and barcoding

Advanced stock look-up

Comprehensive features without comprising existing business systems

Incorporates best-practise principles in warehousing and inventory management

How does our stocktaking software help your business? Let’s find out!

There are obviously many benefits that come with effective inventory management and these benefits are expanded when you switch to a digital solution. Let’s take a look at some of the major ways our stocktaking software can help your businesses’ bottom line.


Closing on sales

If you have highly accurate stocktaking software, salespeople and store clerks have immediate access to inventory numbers in real-time. With this information the POS staff are able to determine how much stock there is, where it is and how quickly it can reach the customer which gives them a much stronger position from which to close a sale.


Customer retention

Just having knowledge of your inventory levels isn’t enough; you need to use this data to keep your business operating as efficiently as possible. This means using stocktaking software to forecast stock levels and prepare to re-fill shelves as soon as they begin emptying.

Being out-of-stock is one of the biggest places businesses lose customers and by using our stocktaking software you can effectively curb those numbers. Customers who are told to wait till stock re-fills will often go elsewhere, becoming a permanently lost sale.

Using the data our products provide you with allows you to easily access analytical data that can help inform your sales and marketing strategies. This knowledge is invaluable for determining seasonal trends in product purchases and preparing for them.


Reducing overheads

One of the most attractive benefits of our stocktaking software is that it allows you to streamline and perfect your entire warehousing operation. The costs of storing, transporting and unpacking stock between different locations can add up and be quite a drain on your bottom line.

By using our stocktaking software you can make sure that you only ever retain the exact amount of stock you need while adjusting for changes in buying behaviour. This allows you to avoid over-stocking, under-stocking and overpaying for logistical costs.

The highly accurate reporting our products enable gives you the data you need to forecast purchase trends so you don’t need to hold as much ‘safety stock’ ready as backup. Effective use of our stocktaking software means you can achieve the cheapest possible storage costs for the amount of inventory your business actually needs.


Flexibility to meet challenges as they arise

Another great advantage of our stocktaking software is that it allows you to adapt to new situations as they become apparent. Every element of the business world can be unpredictable and this is no different when it comes to inventory management.

Issues such as warehouse accidents, manufacturing issues, incorrect shipments and theft are all problems that can sometimes be unavoidable, especially when dealing with larger and larger caches of inventory. Our stocktaking software allows you to easily view the effects these issues have on your inventory and quickly make adjustments.

By viewing your inventory in real-time, you gain unparalleled oversight that enables you to respond to hiccups on the fly. In this way, our products act as insurance against the disasters these issues can bring to the management of your inventory.

Comprehensive warehousing and stocktaking software

Use Datapel’s advanced stocktaking software and enjoy a complete solution for order fulfilment and inventory management.

Our product range offers you the most comprehensive solution for managing your inventory and making sure your entire back end is functioning as effectively as possible.

Some of the key features that our stocktaking software gives you are:


Manage multiple warehouses and locations

Our WMS allows you to set up several warehouses and use a structured workflow to manage stock that is “in transit” between locations with options for transfer receiving.


Advanced item tracking

Track items by batch and serial numbers so you can practise close quality control or accreditation. It also makes the process of warranty and returns for batches or individual products much simpler.


Advanced stock lookup

Powerful searching capabilities allows you to locate stock by its item number, name, batch or serial #, bin, custom field or with its barcode. Orders and inventory can be viewed by its current status being picked, packed, shipped or specially flagged.

Inventory can be managed across several virtual warehouses and these can then be further tracked through multiple bins.


Fully guided pick, pack and put away


Cut down on search times and potential item spoilage by using our products’ intelligent rule-based stock retrieval system. This system can prioritise items in a number of different ways including:

  • First in first out (FIFO)
  • Last in first out (LIFO)
  • Expiry date by LEXFO or FEXFO


Document attachments

Easily drag and drop office documents, emails and PDF’s into our stocktaking software with the ability to track special requests, product specifications or batch quality and warranty information.


Full integration with MYOB accounts

All sales, customers and inventory information is synchronised with MYOB via an ODBC connection. This eliminates double entry and improves the accuracy of the data in both our WMS (warehouse management system) and your MYOB account.


Special pricing and commission

Schedules for pricing organised by customer or item with date-based promotions, volume and special discounts.

Join the diverse list of clients that benefit from using our WMS solutions

Take a look for yourself and see the broad range of different industries our product is successfully implemented in!

We have clients operating our WMS across a broad range of sectors including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale and distribution
  • 3PL
  • Mining and energy
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Food and beverage
  • Textile and clothing
  • Government services

Relax and reap the rewards of using our WMS products

Enjoy the 3 key benefits of using Datapel’s advanced stocktaking software


Keep using your MYOB account

As your business continues to grow, use Datapel’s WMS to achieve enterprise level warehousing management without jeopardising your existing accounting system.


Use advanced workflows for inventory management

Keep costs down, increase productivity and dramatically increase the accuracy of your inventory tracking with in-depth search functionality that tracks everything from batch numbers to barcodes.


3. Integrate your Cloud, eCommerce, EDI and Logistics systems

Use our B2B connector to directly access eCommerce websites like eBay or Shopify. Datapel cloud services gives direct customer access or one can be built from scratch using the open source API.

No-nonsense and value building WMS solutions from Datapel


Use our stocktaking software to streamline your warehouse and inventory management while adding real value to your business!

The Datapel product range is the culmination of years of knowledge and experience in business systems and the best-practise solutions for warehousing and inventory management. The high quality and accuracy of our products is relied upon by a vast clientele based from all around Australia.

As one of our clients you can rest assured that our product will continue to add value to your business the longer you use it. Our in-house customer support and development team is ready and eager to deliver a personalised yet professional service to you.