September 2017 – Replenish! Sydney @ Olympic Park

September 2017 – Replenish! Sydney @ Olympic Park

Datapel Replenish Sydney 2017

On the 15th September 2017, Datapel hosted the annual Replenish! Conference at Olympic Park in Sydney. The program focused on presenting industry leading solutions for improving warehousing, manufacturing and distribution systems, all with the goal of making it easier of business owners to manage their inventory and meet customer expectations.

The forum was open to all business owners and managers who are involved with inventory management and distribution systems. We discussed the value of businesses integrating their inventory systems with new technology enabling them to adequately meet the demands of the modern consumer.

Our Replenish! Sydney conference was the only event in Sydney that focused exclusively on supply chain management for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) using MYOB accounting software. Attendees were able to network and briefed on current and future trends in supply chain management. We explored the best methods of enhancing workflows in the face of those trends.

During the key note presented by Adam Wesley, Managing Director of Datapel Ssstems he commented, “Business success relies on their interactions with their network of suppliers, customers, retailers etc.” Adam described how the relationship between the customer and supplier has changed over time. Same day delivery is quickly becoming the norm, meaning traditional wholesalers need to adapt in order to meet consumer expectations in 2017 and beyond.

September 2017 – Replenish! Sydney

Guest Speaker, Don Bickett, National Sales Manager at SecureApps notes, “Managing your inventory can be convoluted, cumbersome and frustrating.” In his presentation, Don examined the use of Datapel’s stock control products in establishing more efficient distribution systems that will save you time, money and reduce worker stress.

During the Feature Presentation: “Smarter Warehousing and Datapel WMS Solutions for SME” Adam addressed how utilising the right WMS solution can significantly improve your bottom line. Put simply, having a reliable inventory system can help reduce your facility and labour costs, while improving your labour efficiency, and the mobility of stock between customer, supplier or intermediary. At the end of the day, this all creates a more efficient and therefore more profitable business.

The event continues to demonstrate great success in bringing SMEs together around a common interest in practical supply chain solutions that take advantage of the latest technologies.