Replenish!2020 Datapel Cloud.WMS RoadMap

Replenish!2020 Datapel Cloud.WMS RoadMap

The underlying theme of 2021 for Datapel is warehousing and the Cloud. Transitioning to the Cloud is a business imperative moving forward, with 30% of Datapel customers having already switched since 2019. In the Replenish!2020 Datapel Cloud.WMS RoadMap, Adam Wesley outlines customer connection, solution value, team empowerment, productivity and the importance of promoting innovation and automation.

“The Cloud is an entire ecosystem; a cultural change.”                                                                                             – Adam Wesley, founder of Datapel Systems.

You can watch the full session using YouTube by clicking here.


The pressures of ecommerce, staffing, and automation have been exacerbated significantly since the outbreak of Covid-19, the reduction of admin has become a priority. Because of this, warehouse management in the Cloud is gathering increasing momentum in all market places.

Further benefits include:

  • Removal of costly server infrastructure CAPEX costs to predictable OPEX
  • Allowing oversight and access from anywhere
  • Scales as demand increases as needed
  • Improvement of security, intrusion, and ransomware immune
  • Limits the need for physical staff interaction (Covid safe operating protocols)
  • Secure, regular auto-backups
  • Latest version of software at all times
  • Near real-time connection capability with other systems

Above all, the key incentives driving businesses to move to the Cloud is workload scalability, interconnectivity, accessibility and security. No server requirement means lower IT service dependencies and costs.


The Datapel Cloud Services Suite is an optimal way of ensuring connection between you and your customers.

  • myAccount provides a portal for customers to login and place online orders
  • myDatapel similar to myAccount, but designed for your remote or mobile staff
  • cloud.api  enabling the pull and push information from WMS, build whatever solution you want.

“Considering the competitive factors that are out there,” says Mr Wesley, “you need to meet and exceed the expectations of customers in your space.”


For scanning and mobile workers, the Cloud Mobility Server offers SSH secured connections with GS1 enhancements (including units of measure, production dates, expiry dates, and best before / packed on) all with Voice Enabled options. At its core, voice frees up the hands of the worker, making them more productive.

With Covid-19 a central issue, enhancements have been made to aid with the safety and well-being of your team. For pickups and small delivery fleets, the eTrack PhoneApp offers simple proof of delivery, consignment images, in-situ packing slip, attachment to order or item master, and mobile inventory inquiries to limit human contact. The majority of these features are specific to the Cloud System.

It is essential for companies to show Covid-19 compliance; specifically workplace contact traceability, compliance, and enforcement. The Datapel HappySpace program for Cloud.WMS promotes social distancing and awareness in the warehouse, allowing you to plot hazards, a bin mapper, high traffic zones, and notifies of other approaching workers.

Team HappySpace is a new App for WMS users, free for all Datapel warehouse workers, available as a BYP Android and iPhone device app. BLE wearables – rather than having to use your mobile phone for the HappySpace App, workers can wear a beacon around their wrist – going into pilot now, and targeting availability early 2021.


Workflow automation creates unattended actions between services. Triggers, such as business events or challenges in capturing the event from systems, start workflows, and actions are built to manage key data events. Programming knowhow is no longer a requirement.

To help with this, the program Zapier is a visual workflow builder that connects over 100 cloud apps. Cloud.WMS Zapier is free with Datapel cloud.api. A connected business means no programming, the ability to link your teams, and share business events in real-time.


  • Schedule your Cloud.WMS shift with Datapel Professional Services for 2021
  • Review your Customer Engagement Plan
  • Protect and empower with Mobility Tools
  • Automate Tasks or build pro-active Workflow with Zapier and cloud.api

You can watch the full session video here.

For more information, get in touch with the Datapel Systems team.