Client Case Study

Smart Building Services Pty Ltd – develops, manufactures and markets, sub-metering and billing systems for electricity, water, hot-water, gas and other utilities, primarily for Embedded Networks.

Smart Building Services also specializes in automatic meter reading systems, and intelligent energy management systems integrated with home automation systems.

With the collective experience of 28 years in the Electricity Industry, the Directors of Smart Building Services have developed expertise in the utility sub-metering field that can assist developers, facility managers and building managers with a range of products from ultra-smart energy meters through to highly advanced automated billing and monitoring systems.

In addition, Smart Building services offers complete ‘bundled’ solutions to provide electricity, gas, water and serviced hot water systems using cutting-edge ‘best practice’ products that not only reduce greenhouse emissions, but give a economic benefit back to the developer or body corporate.

System Used:
WMS Professional Edition