How do we operate PANDEMIC ready?

The ability to access critical business systems from anywhere through a variety of devices with minimal need for human contact is now a must have feature in these trying times. This should extend beyond just key staff to include your customers, so they are engaged and informed regarding order status, inventory holdings, and account alerts.

Introducing the Datapel Cloud WMS; your WMS accessible via standard web browser from any device. To promote customer engagement, myAccount facilitates direct access for your customers to review past orders, stock levels and account status.

Together these core features of Cloud WMS empower your staff and customers with information they need to maximise business agility.

Security is a priority regarding any Cloud Solution, and as such Cloud WMS provides Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and the same level of connection encryption as your Online Banking facilities.

Now more than ever it is critical to create Order Pick strategies that will reduce order fulfilment times, maintain and promote social distancing rules, and minimise material handling by workers.

As always, Datapel Systems’ Professional Services team are here to help with any queries and to review operations regularly and discuss your options.

Stay safe, work smarter and know that the Datapel Team are always working to refine and review the warehousing and eCommerce landscape to put your operations and WMS software ahead of the pack.