Inventory control software
for your business from Datapel

Designed to maximise your operations in a growing business through inventory control software

Inventory control software is a great addition to any business to improve productivity and efficiency across all levels of business operations. Datapel specialises in providing simple solutions to businesses looking to automate their warehouse operations from the manufacturing stage to delivery. Delivering a streamlined inventory tracking software, Datapel is able to integrate a number of other systems that allows for more efficient and productive operations.

inventory control software

The inventory control software is designed specifically for growing firms who are looking to expand into a broader market. As a result of this, we are flexible in many of our offerings and are willing to work together with businesses to find the best solution for them in a way that maximises their output.

Datapel is constantly seeking to find new technologies and methods that will improve our inventory tracking software to best benefit our customers. We want to provide a functional, robust and reliable system and by constantly looking to improve these features are only going to become more and more prominent. This functionality is also crucial to the success of our clients as we look to find flexible solutions for all businesses.

Our commitment to the continued development of our inventory control software has led to us being recognised as one of the leaders in software development in the industry. In addition, receiving recognition from Microsoft and MYOB has increased out motivation and determination to continue to develop and be the best in the industry for inventory system software.

Experience improved operational productivity with inventory control software from Datapel

Inventory control software is designed to make operational procedures easier for businesses. Having all of your information accessible via a single platform ensures that all the necessary people and firms have access to the information.

At Datapel, we know that every business is different and specialising in small and medium businesses means that our inventory tracking software is a little different to others. We take into account the factors of cost and growth in designed our product and its features. As a result, Datapel’s warehouse management systems (WMS) have a number of integration capabilities allowing you to continue to use some existing systems and connect to customers and other businesses with ease.

inventory tracking software

Datapel provides inventory system software capabilities without the need for significant changes to existing accounting systems.

We seek to enable businesses to maintain their current systems with the addition of our inventory control software so that there is as little unnecessary change as possible, enabling a seamless transition.

Datapel looks to bridge the gap between current accounting systems and the more advanced inventory tracking software. There are three key benefits associated with Datapel’s inventory system software;

inventory system software
  • Staying longer with your existing accounting system

We understand the costs associated with transitions to new systems and that’s why we allow you to keep your existing accounting systems when transitioning to Datapel’s inventory control software. A more streamlined change with increased productivity and efficiency means that there is less disruption to the workplace. It helps to keep costs low with no cancellation fees on the existing accounting systems and no additional costs with the new inventory system software.

  • Advanced stock management

Of course, the key benefit of Datapel is the advanced inventory control system. It enables you complete control of your stock and warehouse operations making for a highly efficient business. Additionally, having all the information in one place and organised tracking and production of goods from raw materials to the finished goods allows for a more detailed report in all divisions.

  • The integration of ecommerce, logistics, cloud and EDI systems

This is also one of the most impressive features of our inventory tracking software. The advanced integration across a number of different platforms makes for not only efficient but also easy operation.

The inventory control software allows you to integrate all of your business operations and information to major retailers and other businesses so that there is no requirement for constant verbal communication with everything automatically transferred to the necessary parties.


Offering extensive warehouse and inventory control software solutions, Datapel is the obvious choice

Datapel offers inventory tracking software solutions for businesses of all levels and requirements. We are able to assist in the implementation of inventory control software for businesses simply seeking a method of tracking stock as well as the full-scale implementation of software that controls stock from the manufacturing stage through production and delivery.

We offer a range of WMS solutions that are tailored to your business requirements:

myob inventory
WMS Plus

Suitable for smaller businesses that seek entry level inventory management and reporting solutions

Manage stock movement across multiple bins and locations

Advanced handling of inventory data

WMS Professional Edition

Suitable for wholesale distributors and businesses with large stock volumes

Allocate stock for order fulfilment over multiple locations

Receive stock against MYOB purchases

Manage sales, back orders, track stock returns as well as manage kits and packaging

WMS Enterprise Edition

Suitable for light manufacturing and production from raw materials

Precise control of inventory of raw materials and finished goods

Additional functionality for managing work orders for assemblies and kits

Inventory Controller XE

Affordable solution for advanced stock control and barcoding

Advanced stock look-up

Comprehensive features without comprising existing business systems

Incorporates best-practise principles in warehousing and inventory management

Improved productivity and cost efficiency is one of the core benefits of our inventory tracking software. Our software allows for a more streamlined operation at all stages of the supply chain both within your firm and across any third parties that assist in the process.

Datapel’s inventory system software ensures that everything you need is in one place

Our warehouse management systems all come with basic features that are designed to make the operation of your business easier, more efficient and productive whilst keeping all parties well informed on the number of stock, the location and its movement as well as customer interaction.

These features include:

  • Smart Pick, Pack, Ship workflow
  • Integrated Barcoding
  • Webstore Integrated
  • Dashboards and KPIs
  • On Premise or Cloud
  • Multiple Locations and Bins
  • Track Batch and Serial Numbers
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Flexible Customer Pricing
  • MYOB Integration

The ability to track multiple locations and bins means that you are able to remain in control of all your warehouses from one remote location. This reduces the need for travel and also instils confidence that operations are running well.

Being able to find stock easily and methodically can save your business a lot of time. This is why Datapel’s inventory control software includes barcode scanning as well as batch and serial numbers so that each specific item can be found.

Additionally, there is a detailed system that enables advanced stock search with things like name and the above mentioned traits all able to help in searching for a specific item. This makes for a more efficient and productive service instead of having to physically search the warehouse or through paperwork.

Guided picking, packing and shipping also builds on this organised and methodical method of warehouse operations. It enables items to be found more easily as all stock that is stored and moved is indicated within the inventory control software.

There are also additional options that allow for even more information to be communicated within products and across the supply chain with document attachments, for things such as safety information and instructions, and flags for things like quality control.

MYOB allows for the complete synchronisation of sales, customer and items information so that you are able to communicate without the need to be in direct contact. The MYOB integration also eliminates the chances of any double entries and the accuracy of the data that is stored within the system.

There are also some additional features that are available within the inventory system software for those businesses looking to go the extra mile and have complete automation and accuracy throughout all stages of the process;

  • Special pricing;
  • Returns management;
  • Production stage tracking, and;
  • Account wasting and fractional quantities.

The additional features within the inventory system software allow firms to take complete control of their stock from raw materials all the way through to the finished goods. It increases flexibility and is likely to reduce costs with a deeper understanding of all that is going on within the warehouse walls.


The Inventory Controller XE is more basic software that enables firms to simply track their stock without additional automation features. It still allows for complete tracking through serial and batch numbers however does not include additional features such as MYOB integration.

This inventory control software is ideal for smaller businesses that need a simple WMS solution.

We provide simple and effective solutions to make it easier for your business

We find simple solutions that don’t disrupt your current workplace environment to facilitate a streamlined transition to our inventory tracking software. Datapel’s partners are also experienced in consulting and aiding in the transition, making it a simple step for all businesses.

Our solutions go beyond the basic inventory tracking software as we want to ensure that our customers get the most out of the product that they can. This means that there are a number of additional solutions that build on productivity and efficiency for employees.


Mobility and Scanning

Mobile PDA scanners ensure that every barcode is scanned and therefore able to be tracked. This helps to reduce errors and enables for a more streamlined workflow. With a handheld device that enables employees to search for items based on name, barcode and batch as well as identify location, there is improved flexibility in operations.


EDI, eCommerce and WebStores

Through synchronized efforts your orders are able to be distributed faster and more efficiently with the inventory control software able to be integrated into numerous eCommerce platforms. This reduces the time spent finalising orders and also enables retailers to know exactly how much stock you have available.


Point of Sale and Mobile Selling

This links in well with the ecommerce and EDI integration as the point of sale system also enables a streamlined transaction process for customers. Orders are able to be entered with just a few steps on the WMS fulfilment system ensuring that orders are executed as quickly as possible.

The point of sale system is also functional with barcode scanners and receipt printers meaning that everything can be completed in the one location. Because the inventory control system enables mobility, these sales can be completed at any location within the warehouses.


Logistics and Freight Carrier Links

Many inventory tracking software products are ideal for in-warehouse operations, but with Datapel your business is able to track all stock from warehouse departure to destination arrival. Datapel has partnered with Smart Freight so that your inventory system software is able to be integrated into their systems allowing for a streamlined freight service.

All of the information is automatically transferred across to the chosen carrier and the product can be located at any stage of the delivery process. This allows firms to save time and money with the need to organise freight carriers now redundant.


Cloud Services and API

The cloud system ensures that all of the business information can be found at any given stage without overcrowding your systems. Not only is it beneficial for internal activities but it also allows the business to reach out to customers and clients with information of past orders and invoices.


Accounting Systems Integrations

Datapel understand that growing businesses often have increasing costs and that’s why we offer an inventory tracking system that allows your existing accounting software to be integrated, ultimately reducing costs.


Business Intelligence and Reporting

The business intelligence tool is great for providing regular updates on the success of your operations. Dashboard summaries, daily insights and reports give a great summary of the overall performance of the business without having to actively crunch numbers. These simple summaries are ideal for customer reports as they provide basic updates on progress.

Datapel’s inventory system software enables an advanced automation of information and stock control from production through to the distribution of goods. We understand that every business is different and that is why we offer integration across numerous platforms to assist in the transition and operation of your business so that all processes are streamlined.

The streamlining of process ultimately reduces costs with less time and money spent executing particular tasks. As all the information, including stock locations and numbers are readily available through simple searches. Operations are conducted faster, improving productivity and efficiency.

Datapel’s inventory control software will improve your warehousing and manufacturing efficiency in a way that will continually add value for your business.