Following the Single Touch Payroll Bulletin MYOB has now Announced the “End Of Support” for MYOB Premier 19 and Enterprise 19.

These announcements will require you to “convert” to the new MYOB AccountRight 2018 product within 12 months and impact the way you report obligations to the Tax Office.

What is changing?

Earlier this year the Australian Tax Office announced the new Single Touch Payroll (STP) initiative – this compliance legislation requires that ALL Australian Small/Medium Businesses with 20+ employees use the Government’s new business portal DIRECTLY from within their payroll software for contribution reporting. All software MUST BE COMPLIANT by 1st of July 2018. Even after the initial exemption you MUST BE compliant on or by April 2019 – no matter how many employees you have.

MYOB has followed with an announcement that Premier 19/Enterprise 19 will not be supported after September 2019. This poses a major challenge for customers that rely on this product for daily operations as any future changes to Windows or Datafile errors will NOT be addressed by MYOB moving forward.

Why is this important?

MYOB Australia has indicated that all Classic Editions – Accounting Plus, Premier 19, Enterprise 19 will NO LONGER BE supported from September 2019. Consequently, AddOn solutions using ODBC may suffer disruption after August 2019 as activation/reactivation services will be halted.

Furthermore, only the new AccountRight 2018.2 and above releases will support Single Touch Payroll.

MYOB recognises that current Classic Edition users requiring Multi-Currency are unable to upgrade and have confirmed the Multi-Currency feature will be released later this year as part of the AccountRight 2018 roadmap.

The transition from Premier 19, Enterprise 19 to AccountRight 2018 is now both a business imperative and compliance requirement for ALL our customers and the transition must be made in the next 12 months.

You need to start preparations in order to make the DEADLINE for compliant software.

The ATO recognises upgrading software takes time and has provided MYOB Classic Accounting software users with an EXEMPTION until 1 April 2019. Datapel WMS does not process payroll therefore NO exemption is required from Datapel Systems directly. MYOB has the necessary exemption details and Datapel will work closely with them to keep users informed on any ATO notification requirements.

Ok so I will just upgrade? Right?

NO! The change from Premier 19 to AccountRight 2018 is not a simple as an “upgrade”… AccountRight 2018 is a completely new product. There are significant differences in the way the WMS needs to synchronise and connect with the new MYOB AccountRight application, meaning that this is effectively a new product from Datapel and change over service.

What you need to know…

  • This change is being driven by the ATO and MYOB product direction…
  • MYOB AccountRight 2018 is a different product from the Premier 19, Enterprise 19 and is not compatible with your Datapel WMS version 9.
  • Datapel is trying to get customers on the right path for the new MYOB AccountRight 2018 Compliant editions and future Cloud compatibility;
  • Datapel is alerting all Premier 19, Enterprise 19 users so you have adequate warning and the opportunity to get a compliant version of WMS ready for the coming AccountRight 2018 edition.
  • Datapel will provide you the information required at the next REPLENISH!2018 event so please confirm your attendance once you receive notification.

Not being ready or requesting “last minute” upgrades will not be possible due to the number of upgrades Datapel needs to complete;

To learn more about how these new announcements will impact you over the coming months and the next steps to take to get on the right compliance pathway you MUST ATTEND your nearest upcoming Datapel REPLENISH!2018 conference.

To secure your slot for Sydney Conference on September: