The Apps 4 Wholesalers’ technology showcase was held on Thursday May 23rd 2019, at the Novotel Parramatta. The conference covered the latest trends and advice on optimising your manufacturing inventory businesses.

The agenda included guest speakers Matt Paff, independent technology advisor; Deryc Turner, of Key Business Solutions; Pam Madytianos, from 2Peas; Dan Fairbairn, of Waypoint; Bruce Carr, founder of Web Ninja and former owner of Exonet (MYOB Exo); and Paul Nielsen, former Chair of the Council Of Small Businesses and Organisations of Australia.

The highlight for Datapel, however, was the 12:20pm session on Wholesalers and their Discussion of Their Journeys and Tech, in which customer Edward Thorp of Heebie Jeebies presented.

Heebie Jeebies is a toy and gift wholesale company that originally started in Sydney Australia, with operations now in California, after expanding to the United States.

Heebie Jeebies wholesales Geek ware products to museums, department stores and independent stores in both Australia and the United States, as well as distributing to other countries. Their brands encompass Bizerk, Heebie Jeebies, LiquiFly, Quack, Chameleon, and Smart Brain.


For more information about Heebie Jeebies, visit their website at

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