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    In WMS you can allocate up to 16 Zones.

    How to add Zones in WMS:

    Step 1. Open Tools > Locations > Manage details

    Step 2. Select Location > Manage Bins

    Step 3. For every Bin you can allocate Zone.

    Note: Please contact Datapel if you want to add Zone field on Picking docket.

    How to allocate User to Zone:

    Step 1. Login as Superuser

    Step 2. Open Tools > User Management

    Step 3. Select User e.g. scanning

    Step 4. Select Set Privilegies

    Step 5. Find ”Scan and Pick” and assign Zone or multiple Zones for user and Record

    Note: Scan user need to have Administrative access level.

    How WMS assigns Zones to scanner user:

    Step 1: All Default Bins need to have Zones selected.

    Step 2: WMS sorts Items by Zones and then selected Zones available to all scanner users who have Zones assigned via User Management.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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