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    This article should be used as guide for MYOB AR Update TO THE LATEST VERSION (For example, AccountRight v2019.2 to v2019.3).

    MYOB upgrades/updates done by Datapel are billable or done by the customer or their IT using this guide.

    Any investigation and repair done by Datapel in regards to the customer upgrading will be billable.

    Detail Steps
    Very Important!

    1. Inform Datapel that you plan to update MYOB AR to the latest version
    2. Inform Datapel your current MYOB AR version, and the latest version that you plan to update
    3. Once Datapel confirms that the latest MYOB AR version is compatible with your current WMS application, you may proceed to update the MYOB AR following the guide below. Do Not proceed if you do not get the confirmation from Datapel.

    For detailed steps please refer to Knowledgebase:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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