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    This documents explains M3 green MC6500 Scanner configuration and setup.

    You will need;

    Download all the attachments below prior to starting.
    USB Cable
    Power Supply
    Any Barcode to scan for testing/ customers real barcodes are ideal
    Your Wireless Network Settings
    The console and Telnet service Running on your server / PC with fixed Local IP.
    Wireless LAN with DHCP Ip assigning

    Check the Telnet service is running within your network.

    Further steps found here https://datapel.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/WMSKB/pages/485394071/M3+Green+Scanner+setup+for+WMSConsole

    Info: This device does not support WPA2-PSK network security. During setup we used WAP-PSK and were successful

    Scanner button is on side of scanner

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