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    Stock can be transfer internally due to many reasons. For example, damage occurs or storage system in the warehouse.

    Detail Steps
    1. To move stock use WMS Explorer Transfer Register and click New Transfer.

    2. Select the Warehouse Location from where the stock will be shipped From then

    select the Warehouse Location where the stock will be shipped To: (for the internal transfer both locations are same) COMPANYA


    3. Select the Shipping Method – for internal Transfers just select TRANSFER or NONE depending on your setup. Check the User name is correct in the Transferred
    By: selection. Add Ship Methods to MYOB if required for different transfer methods

    4. Press Enter to select first item code to transfer from the pop-up list.

    5. Then select the article need to move and select the TO BIN as required. (A2 or Damage)
    ( In the comments section you can mention the reasons for internal transfer)

    6. Repeat from Step 4 for each stock item that needs to be transferred. if the list is OK then click QUICK and the stock will be moved.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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