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    Please follow below steps to setup new user in WMS:

    1. Create the staff member in MYOB as an employee (an individual as opposed to a company)

    2. Replicate WMS and MYOB using the refresh mode or wait for the overnight replication to take place.

    3. Open WMS using the superuser login and password.

    4. From the toolbar at the very top of WMS, select the tools menu.

    5. Select user management from the drop down list (this will load a list of employees)

    6. Select the Employee you would like to alter or add and double click on the line or select “Set Privileges” from the bottom right of the screen.

    7. Select a user name to copy access restrictions from or click on the “User-employee name” that is highlighted in the top left of the screen. Individual sections will drop down to reveal the check boxes that allow you to set individual privileges for the user (check these boxes as required).

    * The Security quicksets option gives access to sections of the program quickly and easily.

    8. When you have completed setting the privileges select the username you would like the employee to use when logging in (found on the bottom left of the user management screen).

    9. Now select the access setting you would like for the user (to the right bottom of the screen) * For more information about this setting please read the support document User Management – Administrator, User or Disabled by searching the help menu or selecting the following link User Management – Administrator, User or Disabled

    10. Select Record Access Rights.

    11. Select “Change Password” to add or change a password for the user.

    12. Add password into “New Password” and “Retype Password” Fields, then select “Change Password”

    Your new User can now login to WMS.

    * If your new employee is accessing the WMS using a new RDP connection or a new computer has been added to your network your IT manager will need to ensure they/it is part of the group policies/user groups required to access certain areas of the server/computer. If you have any problems printing reports or accessing the WMS program please note the following document when contacting your IT consultant Setting Permissions for Warehouse Management System

    *The employee must be active, not disabled or deleted in MYOB, otherwise every replication will disable the user in WMS. If the employee is active in MYOB and the user is being disabled each replication please ensure the active employee card is being set in the WMS, if the card was deleted and recreated there may be a duplicate in the list.

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