How to create new Warehouse Location in WMS?

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    Please follow below steps to assist with Location creation:

    1. Create a new Supplier Card in MYOB.
    2. The name of the card can be any name you like, however, we recommend you start the name with a common thread such as “LOC-” to group all the locations together in your MYOB file.
    3. Set the Card ID, this is the name you will see in the WMS drop down list, for example “STORE” or “NSW”.
    4. Enter the Warehouse address and contact details, including a contact name, the location will not be created without it.
    5. On the details tab select identifiers and Set the ‘L’ identifier, this lets the WMS know it is a Location not just a Supplier.
    6. Perform a maintenance replication in WMS and the process is complete.

    Note: Location cards should never be deleted, they may however be hidden from users and disabled in the WMS in the Tools > Locations > Manage details menu.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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