You’re probably already familiar with the more traditional methods of managing and accessing your business information – like running reports, exporting tables to excel, or importing transactions and data via text files.

For programmers and developers the Breeze API allows these actions to be performed securely, on demand, automatically from anywhere at any time!

This opens up limitless possibilities… here are just a few examples:

  • Phone or Tablet based apps for your customers to see their orders and status
  • Secure Web pages with up-to-the-minute stock availability and pricing per customer
  • Connect to leading CRM or other online eCommerce sales force automation tools
  • Website linked orders direct to your sales and despatch register.

Breeze API is a licensed module of the Datapel Inventory Management Suite and once purchased must be installed and activated by the Datapel Support Team. Although most customers would benefit from this module not all customers will need it. Initially we are working with customers that have in-house or external IT partners creating solutions to streamline operations.

To create a Breeze API solution you will need either a Web or Mobile Application Developer on staff or external partner. Datapel provides support for your developers in the form of API documentation and sample apps showing how to read and write information using the Breeze API.

Click here to review the Breeze APIdocs.