Datapel presents Mobile Picking Solutions at Ivanti-Interchange 2017

Datapel presents Mobile Picking Solutions at Ivanti-Interchange 2017

Ivanti Interchange Conferernce

This month, as industry leaders in Mobility Solutions, Datapel were invited to speak at the Ivanti-Interchange Conference.

The Ivanti-Interchange Conference offers insight into industry trends and demonstrates spotlights Ivanti partners with leading solutions for common warehouse management problems. Ivanti specialises in IT security and supply chain management enterprise solutions. Their conferences are held all over the world and address a variety of topics related to the improvement of inventory management systems.

The Ivanti Velocity system is an important tool that has allowed Datapel to modernise, simplify and accelerate the supply chain for a wide array of clients, allowing them to operate far more efficiently.

Camelbak Case StudyUsing the Case Study example of Camelbak – global leading supplier of outdoor sporting goods, Datapel’s Managing Director Adam Wesley described how the implementation of Ivanti Velocity was integral in taking the client’s warehouse management system entirely paperless.

Integration of the Ivanti Velocity system helped the client to transition a warehouse of over 25 workers from paper-based picking workflows to the use of Android based PDA scanners. The Ivanti Velocity system provides clients with a simple interface making it easier to train workers and improve workplace productivity with improved accuracy and product selection efficiency through optimised-guided-picking workflow.

Adam also shared some insights learned from guiding Camelbak through the implementation process. “Datapel has taken a paper-based solution and delivered high accuracy paperless picking in less that 7 days with Ivanti Velocity…”, he notes in his presentation to fellow Ivanti channel partners.

Datapel’s work for Camelbak highlights the important role that systems such as Ivanti Velocity play in helping to modernised aging supply chain solutions.

Working alongside Ivanti to develop low-cost scanning systems is all part of Datapel’s goal to provide both practical and hassle-free warehousing solutions. As a leading adopter of Velocity, Datapel continues its vision of providing ‘best practise’ warehouse management systems for small-to-medium enterprises.