Datapel Mobility Server

Datapel Mobility Server

Fighting the falling dollar

It appears our Australian Dollar has finally adjusted and for those who are importing and purchasing off-shore it means taking a renewed look at operations to make sure workflows and stock management are at the best they can be. In this issue we are going to summarise a few warehouse check points that can get you started on managing your overall inventory management costs.
Let’s go back to basics – inventory management is balancing your supply to meet customer demand in the most effective way… simple right? Here is your first quick check point – the majority of wholesale businesses hold on average inventory value not more than 15% of total revenue – so if your value on hand is higher than this – it’s time to investigate why.
Here are my key check points when reviewing a wholesale business for “improvement”…

1. Facility Costs:
Do you have too much space or not enough and split between locations and should consolidate?

2. Labour Overhead:
Can you reduce your “cost of fulfilment” by further reducing order pick / pack times?

3. Finance Costs:
Idle inventory ties up working capital – so look at optimising inventory and improving your purchasing workflows – consider direct shipping from suppliers?

4. Procurement and Transport:
Look at your freight cost – can a better deal be negotiated?

5. Stock Accuracy:
How accurately does your WMS match your physical count? Are you conducting cycle counts and using a strict Returns/RMA workflow?

6. Management & Information Systems
Are you making the most out of your WMS and its ability to integrate with your trading partners, automate processes and the built in customisable reporting system?

In this newsletter we profile the Datapel Mobility Server – this module allows “paperless” picking of Orders using handheld PDAs with inbuilt barcode scanners. In relation to the above points, the Datapel mobility Server workflows deliver benefits to your warehouse team in a multitude of ways.

Datapel Mobility Server

By far and away excessive search and travel times are productivity bottlenecks in your warehouse, with picking accuracy and order returns management taking second place. Using the Datapel Mobility Server your warehouse workers are assigned orders electronically and then directed to aisle and bays for each item in the most efficient means possible. This directly addresses travel times and can immediately return up to 30% in productivity gains. By scanning an item barcode your worker is verifying the match and hence dramatically reducing pick error rate and with it the costs error correction.

Here are just a few great features of the Datapel Mobility Server:

Directed Order picking guides your staff on the most efficient travel path through the warehouse with simple instructions making viable the addition of casual staff for peak periods without compromising on accuracy or pick rates.
Picker Performance monitoring allows you to compare pick rates between workers to measure and manage your warehouse staff productivity.
Automated Replenishment alerts workers to refill pick face bays from bulk that are approaching stock out.
Bin Audit and Cycle Counts keeps stock levels accurate and your WMS up-to-date.
Paperless Transfers, Put-Aways, and Sales Order creation are just a few of the many workflows supported by the Datapel Mobility Server.

If you are not using BIN and BAY assignments for your pickers we strongly encorage you to take the first steps now – if you are then the Datapel Mobility Server demo is a must! Here is some feedback based on user experiences “From low ninety per cent accuracy to 99.5% in less than one month!”

Want to know more? please email [email protected] and we can organise an online demonstration showing you just how simple effective mobile scanning can be with the Datapel Mobility Server.