Datapel iQ – Intelligent Business Analysis

Datapel iQ – Intelligent Business Analysis

Datapel iQ is a new Add-On for WMS Professional and Enterprise editions.

With snapshots from the WMS workspace your data is analysed against a set of prebuilt data models to provide clear answers to critical business operational questions.

Datapel iQ works “out of the box” and allows your sales manager, general manager or the business owner to answer challenging questions within a few mouse clicks. If you want answers to questions like the following you must subscribe to Datapel iQ:

Who are my top sales people for a selected products or groups of products?
How did our margins change from this year to last on a particular product or group?
Are my sales people getting the best margins, are they above or below average?
Show me all my sales for a particular geographical region by sales person and products?
What haven’t we sold for 3, 6, 9, 12 months?
Who is our biggest supplier and what is their average delivery/lead times?
How are sales this quarter compared to this time last year or sales at any period to a previous period?
Use Datapel iQ to measure business performance, identify trends and exceptions, summarise operations and make recommendations to improve outcomes.

Datapel iQ is powered by QlikView technology, this engine allows the Datapel iQ model to analyse and present your WMS workspace as an interactive set of dashboards and graphs representing sales and purchasing information. You can select particular data points of interest and filter your view to pinpointing specific data fields for analysis – for example: salesperson, location, margin, product, category.

You can archive each model in a Data Warehouse folder – then refer back for further analysis, or share the model with other Datapel iQ users.

Since the launching of Datapel iQ, it has effectively improve the way data are analyse in overall aspects of the business.

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