Datapel attends Telstra Small Business Awards with finalists Elk Accessories

Datapel attends Telstra Small Business Awards with finalists Elk Accessories

Telstra Small Business Awards

At this year’s Telstra Small Business Awards, Datapel was invited to support one of its loyal clients: Elk Accessories. Elk Accessories was launched in 2004 by the husband-wife team; Adam Koniaras and Marnie Golding. For over 10 years, Elk Accessories has maintained a collaborative relationship with Datapel developing, implementing and supporting their warehousing solution for the iconic Melbourne-based fashion brand.

Elk has been recognized in the medium-sized business category, operating with between 20 to 200 employees. At Datapel, we were proud to see Elk Accessories claim the award for the Victorian Telstra Medium Business of the year.

Co-founder and creative director at Elk, Marnie Golding, said that she was honored by the award. In her address, she described her sense of pride in operating a business based on “hard work, trust and old fashioned relationships”.

She continued by saying that Elk had established a business that “creates opportunities not only for those that work with us but for our charitable partners, suppliers and families”.

“People are at the core”, she said.

Adam Koniaras, co-founder and CEO of Elk Accessories said that “Datapel has been key to our growth and success in delivering great service to our customers”.

WMS ENTERPRISE EDITIONDatapel’s online stock management software has been successfully used as part of Elk’s business structure for over a decade. Selling into more than 1200 retail accounts around the world; Elk relies on Datapel’s advanced software tools to effectively manage their inventory and distribution.

Best-practice warehousing solutions are essential for online retailers and wholesalers like Elk Accessories, where inventory management can determine how efficient your business is at moving stock and most importantly; meeting customer expectations.

Elk Accessories joins two previous Datapel WMS customers in winning National and state level Telstra business awards over the past three years.