Datapel announces Partnership with ezyCollect

Datapel announces Partnership with ezyCollect

A better way to get paid FASTER!

Here at Datapel we are always looking for ways to make your systems simpler. We wanted to let you know of an interesting product that might help you further increase your productivity and overall cash-flow. It works directly with MYOB, so it’s really quick and easy to get up and running.

EzyCollect will help you to automatically chase late paying customers, and thank the ones that do pay on time. It’s a set & forget system, so once you set it up, it will run in the background doing all the hard – time consuming follow up work!

In terms of the benefits to you, here’s how ezyCollect may be helpful:

1. Consistent & automated follow ups mean that you no longer have to spend as much time chasing customers for money manually
2. All your big and small customers will get chased equally – meaning lower bad debts and faster payments
3. Much more time for you to spend doing other more valuable tasks – resulting in better sales and service for your customers
4. Statements, invoices, legal letters and debt collections all managed in one system – saving you time and money in collections.

A free 30 day trial program – and more can be seen at

We want your business to be successful and knowing that cash flow management is one of the most important aspects of your business operation we really feel this is worth a look! If you have any questions, feel free to email/call us at 1300 137 082.