Customer Profile of the Month – EHI Australia

Customer Profile of the Month – EHI Australia

This month we profile a Datapel Mobility Server user – EHI Australia, the primary Australian industrial supplier of wheels and castors to manufacturers of small machines/trolleys and the Bunnings Group. Prior to working with Datapel the management team had implemented a pilot barcode scanning system from a major ERP vendor; it was inflexible, unreliable and expensive – and after much frustration dropped the system and consulted with Datapel to bolt-in our WMS mobility server. With penalties being charged for incorrect order shipments the urgency was high to have 15 Workers working with PDA’s ASAP.

Within days of going live EHI went totally paperless and accuracy rates improved dramatically – the savings in penalties alone paying for the entire system in the first 3 months of operation. Here is a brief review of the EHI Datapel setup

  • Datapel Mobility Server – 20 Users
  • Inventory Controller XE integrator edition for ERP
  • Datapel IFS Logistics System integration
  • Custom Picker Productivity dashboard for worker self assessment.

Andrew Arthy the CFO comments… “Datapel’s mobility scanning system basically took our existing paper process refined over the years and delivered it to our pickers using clear and simple instructions on handheld barcode scanners. Our line pick rates are well up and the error rates well down and we could not be happier – and that was only the first stage of our rollout.”

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