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Stay on-top of your warehousing and logistics with our leading barcode inventory management software!

Operating a business comes packaged with a variety of challenges that only get more daunting the larger your business grows. As you accrue more capital, more customers and more stock the logistical demands of you operation become far too big for you to handle alone.

barcode inventory management software

This is where accountants usually come to save the day, pledging to manage your ledger and iron out any issues. Despite this, many businesses are opting to use ‘manage your own books’ (MYOB) software.

This software has become popular with businesses that want to save money on accountancy and have direct control over their ledger. However the business ledger is not the only place where technology can make the job easier.

Datapel’s warehousing management software (WMS) allows an advanced level of control over stocktaking while still letting you use MYOB software in conjunction with it.

Gain total oversight with our advanced barcode inventory software

Absolute supervision and control over your inventory with our barcode inventory management software!

Managing your stock may be a less-than glamorous element of your business but it is undoubtedly one of the most important. There is a huge scope of potential setbacks and disaster that come with improper stocktaking.

No business wants to be caught out with empty shelves and being unable to meet demand because of poor stocktaking. By using Datapel’s WMS you don’t have to be in this awkward position as you will be managing your stock with surgical precision.

barcode inventory software

Find and remedy stock issue using our barcode inventory software

Use Datapel’s barcode inventory management software and easily squash problems as they appear!


Even relatively small mistakes in your stocktaking can hurt your bottom line.

Using our advanced barcode inventory software allows you to:

  • See what you need to buy
  • See what you’ve sold
  • Streamline your ordering process

By using Datapel’s advanced barcode inventory management software you can streamline the entire stocktake process so that you minimise inefficiencies and maximise profitability. There are few alternatives that are as beneficial to your business as our expert barcode inventory management software.

Stop worrying and take control with Datapel’s barcode inventory software

Take advantage of our barcode inventory management software
and never stress about your stocktake again!

All business owners are familiar with the feeling of being overwhelmed by stocktaking and the struggle to keep track of so many different numbers and qualifiers.

Using our barcode inventory software allows you to:

  • Track orders
  • Track sales
  • Track inventory by name, batch/serial #, bin, custom fields or by barcodes
  • Track shelf numbers
  • Never rely on physical counts again

When you use our barcode inventory management software you gain access to highly accurate data regarding your stock no matter what stage it is at in the product lifecycle. The ability to track all of these numbers and have them instantly accessible helps to cut the fat from your business and streamline the entire day-to-day stock control operation from management all the way to pick packers.

Scrutinise the data with our barcode inventory software

Investigate the analytics of your stocktaking using Datapel’s barcode inventory management software!

Making sure that you understand the data, no matter how unimportant it seems, is important to having a full picture of your business and making decisions from that perspective.

Datapel’s barcode inventory software uses margin analysis to let users see:

  • Sales by item
  • Sales by customer
  • Sales by location
  • Reporting of inventory and transfers

Our barcode inventory management software’s margin analysis uses the Crystal Reports industry standard to ensure the reliability of all information. Using our WMS allows your business to mine the important data that will help you plan future stocktaking decisions.

Make warehousing more productive with our barcode inventory software

With more oversight over stocktaking you gain even more control when using our WMS!

Make use of our barcode inventory management software to easily view crucial cost comparisons.

Our barcode inventory software enables you to compare:

  • Selling price and purchase cost
  • Physical and counted stock
  • Overall profitability and performance

This valuable information allows you view all of the important analytics at the touch of a button. Using a completely integrated WMS for your stocktaking is one of the easiest and best ways to gather this crucial business information.

Get the ideal barcode inventory software solution with Datapel

Take a look at our range of barcode inventory management software solutions and their special features.

Select any of our 4 leading stocktaking and reporting software solutions:

myob inventory
WMS Plus

Suitable for smaller businesses that seek entry level inventory management and reporting solutions

Manage stock movement across multiple bins and locations

Advanced handling of inventory data

WMS Professional Edition

Suitable for wholesale distributors and businesses with large stock volumes

Allocate stock for order fulfilment over multiple locations

Receive stock against MYOB purchases

Manage sales, back orders, track stock returns as well as manage kits and packaging

WMS Enterprise Edition

Suitable for light manufacturing and production from raw materials

Precise control of inventory of raw materials and finished goods

Additional functionality for managing work orders for assemblies and kits

Inventory Controller XE

Affordable solution for advanced stock control and barcoding

Advanced stock look-up

Comprehensive features without comprising existing business systems

Incorporates best-practise principles in warehousing and inventory management

So, how does Datapel’s barcode inventory software help your business? Let’s Find Out!

There’s no doubt about the inherent benefits of proper stocktaking and the way in which these benefits are multiplied with the aid of technology. There are several major benefits to using our barcode inventory management software which will help drive up your profit margins.


Get a frontend advantage

By using our reliable and accurate barcode inventory software, your salespeople and store clerks will be able to easily access important figures about product inventory. This information gives them much more power from which to make a deal as they can authoritatively tell customers how much they have in stock and when new stock can be expected.


Retain customers

Another benefit of using our barcode inventory management software is that you can use the data to make sure your business is running smoothly around the clock. Our WMS allows you to predict levels of stock so that shelves are empty for as little time as possible.

You’d be surprised by just how much business is lost because of a store being out of stock. Customers who can’t find what they want from your company can’t be expected to wait for you and will likely take their business to a competitor.

By using our barcode inventory software to make sure that your stock levels are always optimal you can avoid losing any business because of shortages. The data you glean from using our WMS can help you in planning your future marketing and sales strategies as you will have pinpoint accurate information.


Cut down logistical costs

A major money saving benefit of our barcode inventory management software is the fact that you can use it to cut the fat from you warehousing operation. If you store large amounts of stock, you know that the costs of transport, storage, security, packing and unpacking can add up.

If you are paying these holding costs for stock that isn’t being shipped the next day, you are losing money. Using our WMS means you can accurately predict the optimal amount of stock you need at any given time so that you only pay for the storage you actually need.

Our barcode inventory software allows you to more accurately make adjustments for changes in the buying behaviour of your customers. If you experience a surge in order around the holiday season you can still make sure that you are only paying as much for logistics as is absolutely necessary.


Respond to issues in real-time

Like with any kind of business, there are several unforeseen circumstances that befall our operation and require us to react quickly to minimise losses. Our barcode inventory management software lets you react in real time to hiccups in your stocktaking operation so that your business is back on track as quickly as possible.

Worker accidents, issues with manufacturing, shipping mishaps and outright theft are all liabilities that you need to prepare for when storing large amounts of product. The larger your operation the more issues you are going to have, so you need a WMS that scales with the demands of your business.

Our barcode inventory software lets you see your inventory in real-time so that you can make crucial decisions and mitigate losses before the situation costs you even more money. The effective use of our product to respond to real time issues serves as a type of insurance for your business that is better to have and not need than need and not have.

Take total control with our barcode inventory management software

Making use of our leading barcode inventory software gives you a complete warehousing solution that will keep your business operating at peak performance!

The product range from Datapel gives you an impressive range of features and benefits that have established us as a leader in the market of digital warehousing solutions. Our WMS gives our clients a supreme level of oversight and control over their entire warehousing operation.

Some of the key features that our barcode inventory management software provides are:


Supervise several warehouses and locations

Our product lets managers implement a structured workflow to govern the transit of stock between warehouses and store locations. It is also able to provide options for transfer receiving.


Advanced stock tracking

You can use our WMS to track stock items by their serial or batch numbers so you can implement close quality control measures. This also makes the logistics of dealing with large scale warranty claim or returns for items much easier.


Advanced item lookup

Our advanced WMS gives you the ability to locate specific items by a huge range of qualifiers such as barcodes, item numbers and custom fields. You are also able to filter items by their current status whether they are in storage, being shipped or have been flagged for some other reason.

The stock can also be organised through several virtual warehouses you can create within the WMS and this can be further divided into specific bins.


Intelligent stock retrieval system

You can use our product to reduce the amount of time it takes workers to find items and the total transit time from manufacturing to consumption. This cuts down on the threat of some types of items spoiling while in transit because of wasted time.

There are a few different ways items such as perishable good can be categorised:

  • Expiry date by LEXFO or FEXFO
  • First in last out (FIFO)
  • Last in first out (LIFO)


Easily attach paperwork

Our WMS allows you to effortlessly attach Microsoft office documents, PDF’s and email to specific batches and bins. It also lets you monitor special requests, the quality of batches and information regarding warranties.


Synchronisation with MYOB accounts

A much appreciated element of our barcode inventory software is the fact that it fully integrates with existing MYOB accounting software via an ODBC link. This helps to cut down on double entry and makes the information in both the MYOB account and the WMS much more reliable.


Commissions and special promotions

Our product also allows you to organise stock schedules for promotions associated with specific dates, volume levels and promotional discounts.

Join the many other businesses that have benefited from our barcode inventory software!

We have a robust array of clients covering multiple business sectors that have used our product to perfect their warehousing operations!

We have an impressive list of clients using our barcode inventory management software for:

  • Wholesale and distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Mining and energy
  • 3PL
  • Retail
  • Textile and clothing
  • Food and beverage
  • Government services

Sit back and enjoy the 3 core benefits of our WMS solution

Above all, our advanced barcode inventory software gives you access to the follow 3 major benefits!


No need to abandon your MYOB account

Our WMS gives our customers enterprise standard warehousing management solutions without needing to replace your MYOB system.


Precisely manage your stock with advanced workflows, item sorting and shipping prioritisation

Reduce you storage costs by keeping the optimal level of stock, increase the productivity of your warehousing and minimise the cost of logistical problems in real-time.


Full integration with Cloud, eCommerce, EDI and Logistics systems

Our WMS comes with a B2B connector that allows ease of access to eCommerce websites where your stock might be distributed. Datapel’s cloud services gives customers direct access or they can build their own using the open source API.

Affordable, reliable and value adding WMS barcode inventory software

Use our barcode inventory management software to add ongoing value to your business by cutting down unnecessary costs and streamlining your warehousing operation!

Through the culmination of year of knowledge and experience, Datapel has produced a product that takes to heart the best-practise principles that are necessary for effective warehousing. The combination of accuracy, flexibility and reliability of our product speaks for itself through the broad range of satisfied businesses we have supplied it to.