WMS Training and Quick Reference Guide

Table of Contents

Module 1

Module 1.1 Warehouse Management System Overview

Definitions of Supply Chain Management

Key WMS Features

How does the WMS work?



Batch Integration

Warehouse Workflows

Receiving Process

Order Fulfilment

Detailed Picking Workflow

Detailed Packing Workflow

Assemblies and Work-Orders

Creating Business Workflows

Module 1.2 Working with the WMS

Logging In

View Menu

Explorer Sidebar

Column Sorting

Item Detail View

Drilling Down

Adding and Removing Attachments

Using Flags for Stock Control

Locating Items

Creating Product Barcodes

Printing Product Barcodes

Printing Barcode Labels

Printing Documents

Scanning Barcodes

Emailing Documents

Synchronising MYOB

Backing Up

Module 1.3 Receiving Stock

Configuring Locations and Bins

Adding and Changing Bins

Receiving Stock

Receiving Stock from MYOB

Purchasing Stock Using a Sale Order

WMS Stock Reordering Module

Reorder Level and Minimum Order

Receiving Stock by Serial Numbers

Checking In Stock

Importing Check Ins

Checking Out Stock

Making Stock Adjustments

Stock Detail Management

Adding and Removing Product Pictures

Managing Batch Serial Numbers

Expiry Dates

Lookup Item Batch Serial Numbers

Viewing the Audit Trail

Combining Batches

Module 1.4 Creating Sales and Transfers

Order Creation

Order Fulfilment

Despatch Register

Recording Sale Orders

Calculating Commission

Updating Sale Orders

Customer Payments

Fulfilling Orders

Creating Transfer Orders

Tracking Transfers

Using the Despatch Register

Special Pricing

Module 1.5 Picking, Packing and Shipping

Picking Orders

Picking Types

Picking an Order

Manual Picking

Packing Orders

Packing an Order

Altering Picked Orders

Shipping Orders

Closing Orders

Cancelled Orders

Returned Orders

Processing Orders

Back Orders

Cross Docking

Scan Picking

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Module 7

Module 8

Module 9

Module 10

Module 11

Module 11.1 3PWL MYOB WMS Configuration

3PWL MYOB WMS Configuration

Module 12

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