Adding trusted Web Sites

Version : Internet Explorer IE 6 and IE 7

Increasing the security for the Internet security zone of Internet Explorer may break some reputable sites that you use regularly or stop you from viewing a web site you haven't visited before. This document explains how to trust a web site so it can be viewed.

The solution is to add these sites to the Trusted zone, which will restore their functionality.

1. Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools-Internet Options-Security.

2. Click the “Security” tab and choose the “Trusted Sites” icon.

3. Then click on the button “Sites”. A window will open, where you can add any sites that you wish to be in the Trusted zone. Be sure to remove the check by the entry “Require server verification (https:)….”

4. Enter the site of interest in the line provided. Site URLs can be typed in directly or entered by copying and pasting. Note if it is not a https site the appropriate box is unchecked. After entering a site click the “Add” button.

The site is now added to the list of trusted sites.

There is a “Remove” button (grayed out in the figure above), should you wish to take a site off the list.

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