An Affordable, Advanced Stock Control and Barcoding Solution



Looking for a cost-effective stock control solution for your growing business? Inventory Controller XE (ICXE) delivers comprehensive features without the need to overhaul existing business systems.

Inventory Controller XE is an advanced stock control system incorporating best-practice processes for managing inventory and warehouse.



  • Smart Pick Pack & Ship. Reduce search times and spoilage with intelligent, rule-based stock retrieval. Choose FIFO, MIN, MAX or expiry-date based picking LEXFO AND FEXFO.

  • Multiple Locations & Bins. Set up multiple warehouses/bin locations and utilise structured workflows for managing stock "In Transit" between locations with optional transfer receiving.

  • Flags for Quality Control. Print and scan barcode labels to improve data entry accuracy. A range of barcode scanners are available for different requirements and mobility.

  • Document Attachments. Drag and drop emails, PDF or Microsoft Office® documents into ICXE. Track special requests, product specs, or batch-related quality and warranty information.

  • Serial & Batch Number Tracking. Critical for companies that need quality control or seeking quality accreditation. Simplify warranty and Returns management.

  • Advanced Stock Lookup. Powerful searching capabilities. Locate stock by item number, name, batch/serial#, bin, custom field, or by barcode. View orders and stock by picked, packed, shipped or flagged status. Manage stock in multiple virtual warehouses and further track same items across multiple bins.

  • Manage Customers & Items. Create customers and items on the fly, or import via Excel or CSV. Assign barcodes, custom fields and categories.

  • Comprehensive Reporting. Rich forms and templates with stock and sales reporting of inventory, transfers, sales by item, location, or customer with margin analysis. Harness powerful reporting with the industry standard Crystal Reports®.

Inventory Controller XE Standard

  • Windows XP or newer
  • 1GHz or faster
  • 1GB RAM or more

Inventory Controller XE Enterprise

  • Windows Server 2003 or newer
  • 1GHz or faster
  • 1GB RAM and additional 10-20MB per user
  • Terminal Services or equivalent RDP software
  • SQL Server

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