Comprehensive Warehousing & Stock Control Solutions

Designed for growing small-to-medium businesses that use MYOB accounting software, Datapel delivers advanced inventory management capabilities without the need to overhaul your existing software.

Multiple Users, Locations & Bins

Set up multiple warehouses and utilise structured workflows for managing stock "In Transit" between locations with optional transfer receiving.

Track By Batch & Serial Numbers

Critical for companies that need quality control or seeking accreditation. Simplify warranty and Returns management.

Barcode Print & Scan

Print and scan barcode labels. Improve data entry accuracy. WMS comes standard with a USB barcode scanner.

Advanced Stock Lookup

Powerful searching capabilities. Locate stock by item number, name, batch/serial#, bin, custom field, or by barcode. View orders and stock by picked, packed, shipped or flagged status. Manage stock in multiple virtual warehouses and further track same items across multiple bins.

Guided Pick, Pack and Put-Away

Reduce search times and spoilage with intelligent rule-based stock retrieval by bin. Choose first-in-first-out (FIFO), last-in-first-out (LIFO), MIN, MAX or expiry-date based pick LEXFO and FEXFO.

Special Pricing & Commission

Pricing schedules by Customer, by Item with date-based promotions, volume and & discounts.

Document Attachments

Drag and drop document PDFs, emails or Microsoft Office documents into the WMS. Track special requests, product specs, or batch-related quality/warranty information.

Integration with MYOB Accounts

Synchronise sales, customers and items information through ODBC connection with MYOB. Eliminates any double entry and improves data accuracy both in MYOB and WMS.

Feature Comparison

  Datapel WMS
MYOB Premier
Business focus Inventory & Warehouse Management General Accounting
Industry Focus Wholesale/Retail/Light Manufacturing All industries
Multiple users up to 30 5 or less
Multiple locations & bins Yes No bins
Track batch & serial numbers Yes No
Special pricing & commissions Yes No
Guided pick, pack & put-away Yes No
Integrated barcode picking & scanning Yes No

Our Clients

We are proud of our track record of happy clients from all kinds of industries from Australia and abroad . See how WMS has helped our clients achieve a fast return-on-investment through better stock control processes in their business operations.

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