Datapel Newsletter June 2017

This Issue - MYOB Compliance Upgrade Guide for WMS Administrators

 Welcome to another End Of Financial Year and the Datapel Engage Newsletter - for  users, customers and subscribers. As you are probably aware, there are important changes that need to be applied to your MYOB accounting software before running your next pay runs. To ensure you maintain the right connection with your DATAPEL Software there are some important steps that your administrator needs to follow. To assist you in this we have provided a step-by-step guide with links to our support system. 


Datapel Newsletter March 2017

This Issue – The Datapel Named in TOP 10 WMS for SME

Welcome to another issue of Datapel Engage Newsletter – our now Quarterly distribution to customers and subscribers. We were recently honoured with a place in the Top 10 WMS for SME as reviewed by Logistics Tech Magazine. After submitting our product information and sample customer portfolio we were delighted to receive accreditation from this leading publication. 


Warehousing Without The Heartache

Datapel WMS Warehouse Management Software takes the hassle out of running warehouses for businesses using MYOB accounting software.


When Datapel founder and Director Adam Wesley relocated to Perth after working for MYOB for five years he couldn’t wait to extend the many capabilities of MYOB accounting software. Although the software was the number one accounting product in Australia – used by over 75% of all of Australia’s million plus small to medium businesses – a common frustration at the time was that users often had to maintain separate contact lists in Microsoft Outlook and MYOB


Datapel Announces Revised Industry Edition WMS

Earlier this month at the Datapel Partner Conference 2015 held in Sydney, Australia a revised line up of Industry Focused WMS editions was announced.

For MYOB accounting users there is now a Best of Breed solution for Home and Giftware, 3PL/3PW and Health/Medical industries. Managing Director Adam Wesley comments, "These revised editions provide specialised features required to make business in these vertical markets more competitive."   

Don Bickett, National Sales Director of SecureApps adds "With Datapel Industry WMS we are providing a compelling solution that delivers way more than traditional ERP offerings and at a fraction of the cost."  

Datapel continues to build on its strength in the Healthcare, 3PL/3PW, and Giftware markets by providing WMS software and implementation templates to ensure the specific needs of these business operators are addressed out-of-the-box.

For more information please review the industry focused brochures available from website under the Our Clients group.

To review these brochures directly please click on the links below: 

Datapel WMS Home & Giftware Edition

Datapel WMS Health and Medical Edition

Datapel WMS 3PL/3PW Edition

Datapel Mobility Server








Fighting the falling dollar

It appears our Australian Dollar has finally adjusted and for those who are importing and purchasing off-shore it means taking a renewed look at operations to make sure workflows and stock management are at the best they can be. In this issue we are going to summarise a few warehouse check points that can get you started on managing your overall inventory management costs.
Let's go back to basics - inventory management is balancing your supply to meet customer demand in the most effective way... simple right? Here is your first quick check point - the majority of wholesale businesses hold on average inventory value not more than 15% of total revenue - so if your value on hand is higher than this - it's time to investigate why.
Here are my key check points when reviewing a wholesale business for "improvement"...

1. Facility Costs: 
Do you have too much space or not enough and split between locations and should consolidate?

2. Labour Overhead:
Can you reduce your "cost of fulfilment" by further reducing order pick / pack times?

3. Finance Costs:
Idle inventory ties up working capital - so look at optimising inventory and improving your purchasing workflows - consider direct shipping from suppliers?

4. Procurement and Transport:
Look at your freight cost - can a better deal be negotiated?

5. Stock Accuracy:
How accurately does your WMS match your physical count? Are you conducting cycle counts and using a strict Returns/RMA workflow?

6. Management & Information Systems
Are you making the most out of your WMS and its ability to integrate with your trading partners, automate processes and the built in customisable reporting system?

In this newsletter we profile the Datapel Mobility Server - this module allows "paperless" picking of Orders using handheld PDAs with inbuilt barcode scanners. In relation to the above points, the Datapel mobility Server workflows deliver benefits to your warehouse team in a multitude of ways.

Datapel Mobility Server

By far and away excessive search and travel times are productivity bottlenecks in your warehouse, with picking accuracy and order returns management taking second place. Using the Datapel Mobility Server your warehouse workers are assigned orders electronically and then directed to aisle and bays for each item in the most efficient means possible. This directly addresses travel times and can immediately return up to 30% in productivity gains.  By scanning an item barcode your worker is verifying the match and hence dramatically reducing pick error rate and with it the costs error correction.

Here are just a few great features of the Datapel Mobility Server:

  • Directed Order picking guides your staff on the most efficient travel path through the warehouse with simple instructions making viable the addition of casual staff for peak periods without compromising on accuracy or pick rates.
  • Picker Performance monitoring allows you to compare pick rates between workers to measure and manage your warehouse staff productivity.
  • Automated Replenishment alerts workers to refill pick face bays from bulk that are approaching stock out.
  • Bin Audit and Cycle Counts keeps stock levels accurate and your WMS up-to-date.
  • Paperless Transfers, Put-Aways, and Sales Order creation are just a few of the many workflows supported by the Datapel Mobility Server.

If you are not using BIN and BAY assignments for your pickers we strongly encorage you to take the first steps now - if you are then the Datapel Mobility Server demo is a must! Here is some feedback based on user experiences "From low ninety per cent accuracy to 99.5% in less than one month!"

Want to know more? please email [email protected] and we can organise an online demonstration showing you just how simple effective mobile scanning can be with the Datapel Mobility Server.

Customer Profile of the Month - EHI Australia

Customer Profile - EHI Australia

This month we profile a Datapel Mobility Server user - EHI Australia, the primary Australian industrial supplier of wheels and castors to manufacturers of small machines/trolleys and the Bunnings Group. Prior to working with Datapel the management team had implemented a pilot barcode scanning system from a major ERP vendor; it was inflexible, unreliable and expensive - and after much frustration dropped the system and consulted with Datapel to bolt-in our WMS mobility server. With penalties being charged for incorrect order shipments the urgency was high to have 15 Workers working with PDA's ASAP.

Within days of going live EHI went totally paperless and accuracy rates improved dramatically - the savings in penalties alone paying for the entire system in the first 3 months of operation.  Here is a brief review of the EHI Datapel setup

  • Datapel Mobility Server - 20 Users
  • Inventory Controller XE integrator edition for ERP
  • Datapel IFS Logistics System integration
  • Custom Picker Productivity dashboard for worker self assessment.

Andrew Arthy the CFO comments... "Datapel's mobility scanning system basically took our existing paper process refined over the years and delivered it to our pickers using clear and simple instructions on handheld barcode scanners. Our line pick rates are well up and the error rates well down and we could not be happier - and that was only the first stage of our rollout."

Feel free to check out the EHI website @

Feature Spotlight - Quick Despatch Scanning

Did you know that the Datapel Mobility Server is not the only way to implement barcode scanning with your WMS.    

All Datapel product editions allow the use of a tethered or cordless Barcode Scanner in the Despatch Register. By using a special set of SCAN CODES you can trigger your WMS to PACK and order, SHIP an order or even CHECK each article as you pack the order shipment.   

While not as powerful as the Datapel Mobility Server it is an ideal way for your business to get familiar with the principles of barcode scanning and being setting up to make wireless scanning your next major productivity jump.

If you have found a feature or Tip you think would benefit other users why not let us know by emailing [email protected] - you might just win a free LS2208 Barcode Scanner!

Christmas Holiday Season








 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the Datapel Team as we farewell 2014. This year our team will be taking a well deserved break with phone support closing at 3pm EST 24-Dec-2014 and resuming Monday 9am EST 5-Jan-2015. We hope you and your families have a wonderfully relaxing break and we look forward to working with you in the new year.

Thanks for all the positive feedback regarding last month's newsletter, we now look forward to bringing you more useful information to help you make the most of your solution. In this issue we discuss Datapel iQ, our advanced Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and audit tool. What is BI? You may have heard of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Dashboards, well Datapel iQ provides a set of interactive charts, tables, and even maps that allow you to slice & dice your sales information to quickly see top sellers, trending products, all with just a few clicks. 

More on this below.     


Datapel iQ 

All Datapel Solutions incorporate the powerful Crystal Reports Engine - the gold standard in forms and report generation; and for many of our customers the standard report suite has been tailored to meet specific reporting requirements helping streamline their operations. Datapel iQ takes reporting to a new level by presenting an intuitive dashboard interface summarising all your sales data, allowing you to filter by products, customers, territory with month to month, quarter to quarter and year on year sales analysis and comparison. Datapel iQ delivers quick answers to just about any product sales related question you could dream up and it only takes a few clicks. Here are just a few great features of Datapel iQ:

  • Executive Summary Dashboard showing year on year revenue charts, top sales people by revenue, by margin, by warehouse location 
  • Customer Dashboards allow you to compare customer buying trends, highlights out-of-band margins, identify product sale trends by territory.
  • Product Analysis compare period on period sales by quantity, revenue, margin by salesperson by territory or by warehouse.
  • Sales Comparisons show real time period on period comparisons of sales information by product group, by item, by state, by salesperson, .... the list goes on!

If you have been using your Datapel solution for more that 12 months then a Datapel iQ demonstration is a must! Here is some feedback based on user experiences "Our sales manager uses iQ everyday and is arming account reps with sales information and answers that used to take hours to prepare."

Want to know more? please email [email protected] and we can organise a trial version with introductory demonstration using your live data - you will be amazed at how Datapel iQ will provide new insights into your sales and product history. Datapel iQ is Intelligent Business Analysis.                           

Customer Profile of the Month - Pendulum Logistics

Customer Profile - Pendulum Logistics 

This month we present another long term Datapel WMS Enterprise Edition user - Pendulum Logistics, a leading value adding 3rd party warehouse and logistics provider. The founders had extensive experience in the mobile telephony industry before starting out on their own to plug supply chain customer service gaps they had witness first hand. The team at Pendulum had been used to high-end warehousing software systems and were not willing to compromise on features or quality when implementing their new warehouse. Director Ivan Kraljevic chose Datapel based on the systems ability to match functionality used previously at a fraction of the cost he was quoted by incumbent ERP WMS providers.

After more than 7 years using WMS Enterprise 10 Users - Pendulum Logistics make extensive use of the following modules:

  • Datapel iQ for Advanced Business Reporting to Warehouse
  • HandshakeApp and Datapel RemoteSale module for iPad and client merchandising teams
  • Inventory Controller XE - for standalone warehouse management
  • Datapel MagentoLink for eCommerce and WebSite integration
  • Multiple Workspaces to support many individual MYOB company profiles

Feel free to check out the Pendulum website @ 

Feature Spotlight - Priority Flags and Notes in Sales, Transfer, and Despatch Registers

Do you still have Yellow Sticky Notes on the Warehouse PC Terminal or attached to Picking Slips?If so, please read on! 

All Datapel product editions allow users to collaborate and alert the warehouse manager to priorities and notes with Order Status Flags. From within the Sales/Transfer and Despatch register you can right click on a transaction, choose Set Order Status, then choose from High, OnHold, Low or revert to Normal. This will cause the transaction to be visually marked with a priority status flag; for example OnHold shows as a red stop sign.

Furthermore, you can click on the Notes Tab of a selected order then by clicking into the edit area, pressing CTRL+N you can add notes that will be visible to all your team while not showing on customer printed manifests. This is a great way for your sales and warehouse staff to collaborate and share information about priorities, visually identify onhold orders or highlight orders that need special attention.

You can even LOCK selected sale and transfer orders from being picked and shipped by the warehouse; to enable this feature go to the Tools, Preferences option and select the Security Tab. Tick the box to enable OnHold LOCKS Order at current status. Now you can avoid the yellow sticky note - with the "Don't send out yet!".

If you have found a feature or Tip you think would benefit other users why not let us know by emailing [email protected] - you might just win a free LS2208 Barcode Scanner!